Paulius rumsa mall race

Unreal Megajam Animation Demo

Paulius rumsa mmr01
Paulius rumsa 2016 02 12 16h10 30
Paulius rumsa mmr06
Paulius rumsa 2016 02 12 16h08 20
Paulius rumsa 2016 02 12 16h07 49
Paulius rumsa mmr05

UE4 October megajam Winner! - Midnight Mall Race

This was a project I did in a week in a team of 4.
I was working together with Jacqueline King (Jakayaki), Kukobar and Michal Milkowski.

I did level design, background character generation, environment work, rigging, skinning and animations.!&p=400489&viewfull=1#post400489